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Mon Jan 4 15:42:28 CST 2021

On Mon, 4 Jan 2021, dwight wrote:
> There was a little known 68K machine. It was the Canon Cat. Although, it was generally not intended as a development machine, in its short life, several applications were developed.
> It was primarily sold as a word processor ( quite powerful one at that ). It had Forth running under the word processor. One could do both assembly and other things once one understood how to access the Forth.
> If you should ever get one, don't use the disk drive until you talk to me.
> It has a common problem that if you don't understand it will destroy the drive.
> Dwight

That was an amazing machine.

Raskin was an amazing character.  He was responsible for many innovations 
and design decisions throughout the industry.
(and, I almost ended up getting his electric minivan)

I had a running argument with Jef.  If you have a room full of a variety 
of disks, including multiple MFM formats AND GCR, the default when it 
couldn't read a disk should NOT be to FORMAT it.

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