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Fred Cisin cisin at
Mon Jan 4 16:04:39 CST 2021

On the issue of the Cat re-formatting disks that it couldn't read, my 
suggestion was that they should add enough circuitry that it could 
recognize the existence of FM, MFM, and GCR formats.

Then, it could say, "This disk appears to already be formatted for a 
different kind of machine.  Would you like to erase it and reformat for 
this machine?"

I offered to provide data, so that if it could also identify recording 
format, number of sides formatted, and maybe even bytes per sector and 
sectors per track, it could expand the massge to include "The following 
machines are some of the possibilities of what it is formatted for:"

. . . and, of course, the ultimate would be to implement some other file 
systems, so that it could access what was on the disk.

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