Keyboard storage, part 2

Alan Perry aperry at
Mon Jan 4 20:31:42 CST 2021

An update on keyboard storage, which I asked about here last month.

I ordered some USPS Large Flat Rate Priority Mail "board game" boxes. 
This is a size not usually available at the post office and come 25 in a 
pack. They are a good size for mailing (and I am glad that I ordered 
them so I can use them for that), but I don't think they work for 
keyboard storage. They are so much larger than the keyboards that I am 
storing that lots of packing material is needed so they don't move 
around. Also, they are designed to be sealed and shipped, so there isn't 
a convenient way to open them once they have been closed.

Next, I ordered the Uline keyboard boxes. I had to get 25 of them and 
they are not free ($2.70 per box plus tax and shipping). They can be 
open and closed. They are a much closer to the size of a keyboard 
(surprise, surprise!) so not much packing material needed, but they are 
slightly smaller than a Sun Type 5c (as well as Axil) keyboard and 
needed to modified for those two. No modification needed to store a Sun 
Type 4 or CompuAdd Sun-compatible keyboard in one. I haven't tried a Sun 
Type 6 yet.

To anyone in the Seattle area that need keyboard boxes, I will probably 
have 10-15 of them once I get all of my keyboards packed. If you would 
like any, let me know.


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