Got DSM-11 running, any manuals online?

Chris Zach cz at
Thu Jan 7 20:38:03 CST 2021

Well, with Dave's help we got the DSM-11 disk to boot on SIMH. Oddly 
enough SIMH seems to read a raw RQDX1/2 disk pretty well.

sim> attach rq0 dsm.dsk
sim> set cpu 11/73,1m
Disabling RK
Disabling HK
Disabling TM
sim> boot rq0

Booting DSM-11...

DSM-11 Version 3.0A
Now running the baseline system.


DSM-11 Version 3.0A Device #1 UCI:

DSM-11 Version 3.0A Device #1 UCI: ?

The problem is I don't remember how to use it anymore. Is there a PDF of 
the DSM-11 manual anywhere? I think this was a clean install, but I'd 
like to check it for data before putting it into archives.

Also which archive would be best for it?


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