Got DSM-11 running, any manuals online?

Eric Smith spacewar at
Fri Jan 8 19:54:58 CST 2021

On Fri, Jan 8, 2021 at 6:16 PM Chris Zach <cz at> wrote:

> True, however SIMH has to write things to a "real" file that emulates
> something of a disk.

I thought the SIMH representation of an MSCP disk was just a linear array
of 512-byte blocks, from block 0 to block n-1, in which case, it's still
not at all surprising that any RQDXn, or any other MSCP disk with the
standard Unibus/Qbus MSCP port interface would "just work".

If I'm wrong about how the disk is represented by SIMH, then maybe it could
be more surprising.

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