Probably the wrong list to ask

Van Snyder van.snyder at
Sun Jan 10 14:35:59 CST 2021

This is probably the wrong list to ask, but maybe somebody could
forward it to a more appropriate list.

I have several of my father's books on electrical engineering. If
anybody wants any of them, let me know.

Van Snyder
van.snyder at

Reference Data for Radio Engineers
Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation, 1946

Matrix Analysis of Electric Networks, Le Corbulier, 1946 

Radiotron Designers Handbook, Smith, 1941

Digital Computer and Control Engineering, Robert S. Ledley, 1960

Control System Synthesis, John G. Truxal, 1955

Communication Engineering, Everitt, 1937

Dyadic Circuit Analysis, Sah, 1939

Electrical Engineers' Handbook, Third Edition, Communications
Pender & McIlwain, 1936

Electrical Engineers' Handbook, Third Edition, Electric Power,
Pender & Del Mar, 1936

Theory and Application of Microwaves, Bronwell & Beam, 1947

Electrical  Catechism, C. S. Dearborn (signed) 1902

Electric Circuits, E.E. Staff, MIT, 1942

Transients in Linear Systems, Vol. 1, Lumped Constant Systems
Gardner & Barnes, 1942

Tensor Analysis of Networks, Gabriel Kron, 1939

Analog Methods, Karplus & Soroka, 1959

Electrical Engineering Leaflets, Houston and Kennelley, 1898

Silent Sentinels: Protective Relays for AC & DC Systems
Westinghouse Electic, undated, paperback

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