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Tue Jan 12 11:08:14 CST 2021

On Tue, 12 Jan 2021 10:44:45 -0600
John Foust via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:

> At 09:56 AM 1/12/2021, James B DiGriz via cctalk wrote:
> >I'm kicking myself right now because I had forgotten that
> >hosts a web interface to an (incomplete) archive of the Compuserve
> >web forums. I think this is based on the archiveteam emergency
> >scrape of 2017.  
> Do you have a link to it?

> > Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. There is also a 64GB tranche of
> >raw SC-40 and SCSI FE disk images on IA.   
> Disk images of what, from where?  CompuServe?

Yes, Compuserve. 34GB, though, not 64. My bad.

An attempt by Christian Mund to use SIMH to boot and inspect these
disks is described here:



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