DEC Pro hard drive formatter

Chris Zach cz at
Thu Jan 14 21:01:44 CST 2021

On 1/14/2021 8:59 PM, Cameron Kaiser via cctalk wrote:
>>> I've successfully used a DREM-2 ( with my Pro 380
>>> for both floppy and hard disk emulation.
>> Cool! I just bought one of the G thingies ($30 on Amazon), will try
>> loading up the modified firmware and see if it works. Just easier than
>> making an endless pile of floppies I will only use once or twice (I
>> already have the whole POS 2.0 set).
> Which firmware is this?

Mattis pointed this out:

For $30 what's the worst that could happen.

> The DREM-2 also interests me since I'd like to have a reproducible Venix
> install on my PRO 380 and it seems to handle both the floppy and HD side.

I have enough MFM drives to last forever, although it would probably be 
faster to have a SSD drive. We'll see.

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