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On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 9:05 AM Kevin Jordan via cctalk
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> If you would like to re/experience APL, four classic implementations are
> available on five machines running at the Nostalgic Computing Center
> <http://www.nostalgiccomputing.org>:

There's also HP's APL\3000 running on your own virtual 1979 HP 3000
Series III with the HP 2641A APL Display Station Terminal, included in
my turnkey HP 3000 simulator setup which is still up on my Drive for


APL is still a going concern in a few places, and there's an active
ACM APL SIG for it, as well as a few actively supported and evolving
commercial implementations. I did a presentation on APL\3000 (which is
a functional duplicate of IBM's APL.SV) for the APL SIG a while back.
There's also an APL WIKI at https://aplwiki.com/ with lots of
historically interesting information.


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