Christian Corti cc at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri Jan 15 11:00:27 CST 2021

That reminds me of the APL\360 implementation running on the IBM 5100 and 
5110 using a rudimental System/360 emulator written in PALM machine code 
stored in the APL Executable ROS. The APL interpreter is stored in the APL 
language ROS and was accessed like an I/O device, i.e. the emulator 
fetched the 360 instructions with instructions like GETB and so on.

Also, I *think* that the PALM assembler used by IBM was written in APL, at 
least that's the impression I got when reading the documents from H. J. 
Myers "Instructions for the use of the Assembler Generator", and IBM 
report no. ZZ20-6431 "A Fast Assembly Technique Using APL"


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