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I have found that the ideal combination of languages to learn early are APL, Simula, LISP and Smalltalk. 
I was lucky enough to have started programming when that was possible. 

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> But being an APL programmer does not preclude using all the other 
> languages. One need to pick the language suitable for the job. 
> Back in the days when APL, COBOL, Fortran, ALGOL, etc. were the 
> norm languages were created domain specific. Today they are all 
> just General Purpose. 

That's certainly true, but using a traditional language, such as JOVIAL 
or PL/I is a lot more straightforward to an APL programmer (just view 
everything as scalar and forget about the vector operators) than the 

My point is that taking APL as a starting point leads one to think about 
problems differently. 


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