DEC: securing 15V pwr monitor board in H765 supply

Fritz Mueller fritzm at
Mon Jan 18 15:37:45 CST 2021

Hi all,

I’m reassembling an H765 supply after cleaning and repairs.  It has the "newer" style 15V and power monitoring board (the one with the edge finger connector, same as used in H7420 supplies.)

The board slides into a slot in a sub-chassis that also houses the power control circuitry, which small chassis later slides into, and is secured to, the larger H7420 chassis.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what, if anything, secures the power monitor board to the small chassis! There don’t appear to be any conveniently placed fixtures to which to screw down the board, and I haven’t been able to inform myself by pondering the various engineering diagrams, IPB’s, nor the pile of remaining fastening hardware...

When I test-fit everything in the larger chassis, the unsecured board is held captive only by the grace of the surrounding wiring harness and by some small clearance issues with the large cap on the board.  This doesn't seem satisfactory; as part of something like an 11/34 on tilt slides, it would seem to bang around a bit in there if left loose like that.

Am I missing something?  Puzzled...


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