Looking for a potentiometer for restoration project

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Tue Jan 19 16:28:33 CST 2021

> For a workaround:
> 1. Solder any same size pot with suitable long wires to the location
> (if possible)
> 2. Adjust the brightness to Your liking
> 3. Remove the pot
> 4. Measure the resistance
> 5. Solder a measured value resistor where the pot was.
> This way You get a fixed brightness and somewhat working computer.
> Now You can wait for a replacement pot and play with the computer.

Thanks. We are not that bad off, yet. The system is fully working but the
screen brightness is way up so everything looks washed out and the screen
gets very hot. If I can't find a replacement I could always just leave it
alone or try to open the pot and see if I can repair the actual pot. If all
that fails the backup would be to either permanently solder in a resistor
(as you suggested) or use a pot with the same values which works but does
not allow the case to be closed.

I am hoping to get the correct part though.... I have found a replacement
pot for the speaker knob (same family, different resistance value) so I am
hopeful it may be just a matter of time.

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