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> Learning many different paradigms makes it easier to and more
> likely that you will choose the right tool for the job.  In
> the world of general purpose languages all you have is a hammer
> and so all tasks look like nails.
> bill

I don't see languages in general have improved since the the mid
1960's. Hardware and language models don't reflect each other,
and don't have extendable data sizes and types.
PL/I seems to have been the best,but too tied to IBM.
C standard 2131 complex numbers
C standard 2143 dubble complex numbers
Every machine I can think of had a carry flag of some type
yet no language uses that to extend it self.

  I don't believe in objects because data structures don't
have classes, but are more similar to each other. A window
  A structure is like window B but details are different.
That makes things look portable when they are not.

Constants still
seem to be embedded in data structures, rather than abstract.
-- zero array
define LIMIT abc
blah array[LIMIT]
i = 0 while i< LIMIT array[i] = 0 i = i + 1 endw
I would like say
let LIMIT = abc
blah array[LIMIT]
i = 0 while i< array:LIMIT array[i] = 0 i = i + 1 endw

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