Got DSM-11 running, any manuals online?

Martin Reilly mcr at
Sat Jan 23 09:49:52 CST 2021

I have DSM-11 V4.0 (or it may be 4.1?) on a TK50 cartridge somewhere. When I manage to get my MFM emulator board playing nicely in my 11/83 I could try building a base system for people to play with.

I looked after eight DSM-11 systems for ten years (3x 11/70, 1x 11/44, 2x 11/84 and an 11/83 - the one I have at home now). I've probably forgotten most of what I knew back then but I can still find my way around a system. I loved Mumps as a language - breaks just about every rule of well behaved languages but so powerful with the integrated database handling.


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A slightly newer version (3.3) is available from <>


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> Any copy of this software available to play with?
> Sergio 

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