DEC Pro operating systems and MFM emulator

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Sat Jan 23 15:00:33 CST 2021

> > > 2. Venix: panic at boot, "Bad access number".  That doesn't mean anything
> > > to me.  I wonder if the issue is that Venix doesn't support the 380.
> > 
> > The Venix image is special. Venix doesn't support more than 16 sectors
> > per track. You may need to put it on a disk whose geometry is 16spt. Maybe
> > that is why? Venix should support both the 350 and 380.
> That doesn't explain it, because all hard drives on the Pro by definition
> have 16 sectors per track.

Venix runs fine on my 380. In fact, it's the only OS installed on it. It has
the stock hard disk, though I'd like to convert to solid state, so I've been
reading this thread with interest.

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