DEC Pro operating systems and MFM emulator

Chris Zach cz at
Sun Jan 24 10:40:17 CST 2021

> Listening to these conversations make me really wish I had not
> given my 2 PRO's away.

They are neat, but they are so god-damned slow. Compiles on the pro/380 
with an RD52 are 1/4th the speed of an 11/83 with a 330mb ESDI disk. 
It's to the point where I compile on the 83, then upload the results to 
the Pro to run.

I wonder if compiling a true version of M+ could help: At least you 
could dedicate memory as a disk cache to get around that slug of a 
controller in there.

But the lack of CPU cache, 10mhz processor, extremely slow disk speed, 
and the like really hurt the Pro.


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