DEC Pro operating systems and MFM emulator

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Sun Jan 24 10:53:52 CST 2021

> > > 2. Venix: panic at boot, "Bad access number".  That doesn't mean anything
> > > to me.  I wonder if the issue is that Venix doesn't support the 380.
> > Venix runs fine on my 380. In fact, it's the only OS installed on it. It has
> > the stock hard disk, though I'd like to convert to solid state, so I've been
> > reading this thread with interest.
> Interesting.  I wonder if it has to do with the peripherals I have
> installed.  I should try it again with the PC3XC and CNA pulled out.
> What is your configuration?  Do you have EBO?  Memory size?  Option cards?

It's a pretty vanilla 380. I think it has just the 256K. No EBO, no option
cards. RD52-A and RX50-AA.

Note that I can't exclude that it has a 380-specific Venix installed; it came
to me with it and I don't have floppies (part of why I'd like to convert it).
But I don't recall Venix coming in a 380-specific version.

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