50 free 8 inch floppies!

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Sun Jan 24 20:53:57 CST 2021

Ok, with the RX02 running I see that 50 of these disks from Solarex were 
formatted with the FD: driver which is probably the MXV21 controller. 
Since I don't have a 5.4 version of this driver and to be honest will 
not be putting the MXV11 controller online anytime soon I'm offering 
these disks for free.

So if you need 50 disks with various versions of RT11 and god knows what 
data on them or 50 frisbees let me know and they're yours for the cost 
of shipping. I need to either pitch these things or give them away.


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