Andromeda UDC-11

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Mon Jan 25 12:42:36 CST 2021

On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 7:35 AM Al Kossow via cctalk
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> Does anyone still have one of these with the 50 pin drive splitter card and could take some pictures?
> I picked one up a while ago and just noticed a 20 pin part is missing at U91, probably a PAL :-(

The board photo on the second page of that brochure shows U91
populated with an MMI PAL16R8.

I have one of these DC11 boards somewhere that isn't in the last place
I remember seeing it. I'll try to find it again if I can. It might be
the WDC11 version, which does RL01/RL02 RX02 emulation instead of the
UDC11 version which does MSCP emulation.

I assume the WDC11 would have different N8X305N microcode and
different CSR decode PALs than the UDC11 version. Even if I find my
DC11 board and can extract the fuse map for the U91 PAL it might not
be what you need for a UDC11 board. In any case, it would still be
good to archive the contents of any of the programmable parts if

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