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We have had this guy harassing the Computer History Museum, then all unsuspecting restorers under the false pretense of doing computer materials history research. In the end we understood he was trying to find out if asbestos was used in the machinery or buildings that were used to make the IBM 1401. We believe he is trying to find a sleazy way to sue all the computer makers that have made computers in the past. When it became clear what he was doing, we told him to stop harassing us and contact the CHM legal people. Never heard of him again. 

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> I do not know this guy, this came through my site, but if you do have info
> that you think he might find useful and would like to share please contact
> CECIL the Specific.
> VintageComputer.net Inquiry Contact Information Name: CECIL CRAIN
>            Email: ccrain at rgoldlegal-got-com Phone: 4157869527
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>            I'm looking for any information about Bakelite insulating
> materials and phenolic resins used in Univac DCT products manufactured
> in the Salt Lake City facility from 1970 to 1978.
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