Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Thu Jan 28 14:08:11 CST 2021

Most of these actions aren't lawsuits per se, but rather claims made on
trust funds set up by asbestos manufacturers as part of Chapter 7
bankruptcy filings.   So the money's already there and if one has been
afflicted by mesothelioma and can claim *any* exposure to asbestos in
the past, the fund usually pays out a million or two to the claimant and
his lawyer.   Not quite ambulance-chasing, but close.   Late night TV is
full of ads for this sort of thing.

A similar thing is going on for Roundup herbicide and non-Hodgkins
lymphoma from a fund set up by Montsanto, whose patent on glyphosate
herbicide has long since run out.  Glyphosate is still widely used in


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