Just curious how many Hewlett-Packard Integral computers were sold. We have one here at the SMECC Museum that we are building a display around it for.

ED SHARPE couryhouse at aol.com
Sun Jan 31 05:26:20 CST 2021

Thanks  folks for the part number for ink jet cartridges. .. we have differnt interface standards version of Thinkjet  plusevthe one in the integral so we can play still!

Big thanks for the corisive  ink warning. .. I had no idea!

Hopefully we can turn up some poster art and other things  to add  to the display too!  -Ed#
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> > Hi Doug! No, we do not have a copy of this HP JOURNAL.  We do not have manuals  either.  We,are lucky to have the unit wonder if you can still order ink for the printer. I do have an unopened ink cartrige.

You can get scans of the manuals from the Australian HP museum site

Do you have any expansion boards in it? Extra memory is very useful
(and you can turn any of the boards into a 1MByte one by adding the
chips and changing links). As is an RS232 interface (something that
IMHO should have been built-in)

Do NOT leave the ink cartridge in the machine. The ink is somewhat
corrosive and if it leaks onto the flexiprint that connects the
cartridge to the logic PCB it will damage it. Due to the layout of the
machine the flexiprint is longer than the one in a normal Thinkjet so
you can't just raid one of those for spares. Yes there is a way to
kludge it with ribbon cable and connectors but it's best not to have
the problem in the first place.

> HP 51604A.  I was surprised a few months ago to find that Staples claims to be able to sell new HP cartridges.  Looking earlier today, HP can too!
> Seriously, we’re talking about ink cartridges including replacement print heads for printers manufactured in 1983.

I was equally surprised to find that ink ribbons for the Epson HX20
laptop (M160 printer mechanism) along with the ones for the narrower
M150 mechanism are still being made.

But as I've said before, I'd rather find parts for a machine made 30
years ago than one made 5 years ago.


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