Atari ST & MegaFile with Minix?

r.stricklin bear at
Mon Jul 5 23:36:50 CDT 2021

I was playing with ST Minix (v1.1, based on PC Minix v1.3). I didn’t have any luck with Minix (neither the boot program nor the kernel) detecting the MegaFile (60 or 30, both the same outcome) on the Mega 4. Both MegaFiles worked fine with Minix on the 1040ST.

So there must be some difference (timing?) between the ST and Mega. There are some usenet posts speculating on the cause of this, as well as contradictory user reports on whether it is known to work or not. So I’m not sure what to make of this.

But Minix is pretty tight in 1 MB RAM, so I would like to understand why it shouldn’t work on the Mega 4.

Any Atari ST experts on the list who can shed any light on why this might be the case?


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