In search of RLX blade software

Monty McGraw mmcgraw74 at
Fri Jul 9 14:21:28 CDT 2021


I worked at RLX and found a PIII blade with hard disk.  I captured the
entire disk image, but it is 5GB gzipped.  I don't have a fileshare big
enough to post the image.  Do you have a dropbox or something?

I checked with some of my old coworkers at RLX, we don't have any of the


On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 2:18 AM Camiel Vanderhoeven via cctech <
cctech at> wrote:

> I’ve been given a couple of RLX blade server chassis loaded with blades
> (one with Transmeta Crusoe cpu’s, and one with Pentium III cpu’s). I hope
> you’ll allow me to count these as “vintage” because of their interesting
> origin: the Pentium III loaded chassis was part of a 768 node computer
> cluster at the Sanger Institute in the UK, and was used in the last stretch
> of the DNA sequencing computations for the Human Genome Project.
> I’d like to build a compute cluster out of these, but I don’t have the
> rpm’s they supplied to customize Linux for their blades. Ideally, I’d hope
> to find a copy of their “Control Tower” blade management software, and
> their customized Linux installation images, but just the bare rpm’s would
> do for now. From the RLX platform guide, I’d hope to find:
> kernel-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> kernel-headers-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> devfsd-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> ucd-snmp-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> net-snmp-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> ucd-snmp-utils-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> net-snmp-utils-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> bootctl-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> atftp-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> lm_sensors-*-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> lm_sensors-drivers-*-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> lm_sensors-devel-*-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> base-utils-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> runctl-*rlx*.noarch.rpm
> networkcfg-*rlx*.noarch.rpm
> mgmtmode-*rlx*.noarch.rpm
> namedcfg-*rlx*.noarch.rpm
> dhcpdcfg-*rlx*.noarch.rpm
> lilo-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> grub-*rlx*.i386.rpm
> rlx-clientpm-*rlx*.i386.rpm
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