Help Identifying Mystery SBUS Cards

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Sun Jul 11 03:37:59 CDT 2021

Hello all,

I was hoping to tap into the considerable Sun Microsystems experience within this group.

I picked up a significant quantity of Sun SPARC equipment back in the early 00’s and due to life/children/etc. have only recently been able to start cataloguing it.  In particular, I had a somewhat tatty box full of assorted SBUS cards.  Amongst the usual GX / TGX frame buffers, ethernet and narrow SCSI cards were some more unusual ones I’ve struggled to identify.

I have photographed (poorly, I only have my mobile phone camera) the items, and they can be viewed here: <>

Here is a text description of the cards, in case it can be useful:

(1) A dual-width SBUS card with no internal or external interfaces or backplate. Other features include 2x LSI chips 'LIA7321 EK7B7483' and 'LIA6371 EK7B7484’ and a sticker displaying '7B7488 011 0110-014 0643 1700556 9651’ a barcode ‘J0BAW’.  I wondered if it might be a DSP of some kind?

(2) A dual width SBUS framebuffer, with space for a piggyback daughter SBUS card in the middle.  It features 3 x Bt457 RAMDACs and an Actel A1020A chip.

(3) A 3M fibre card, looks like a prototype based on the number of bodge wires.  FDDI? Marked '3M ASSY 78-8095-5382-5', ROM marked FOSSIL BD. 1AS8.

(4) Possible Serial card with a DB9 connector, although there’s WAY too much logic for a simple serial card.  Has a jumper for 4Mhz / 16Mhz which hints at maybe something Token-ring?

(5) A SBUS card with S-Video and what I assume to be composite.  Looks like a 501-3019 on first inspection but there’s less logic and no heatsink on board.

(6) A rather beautiful (to look at) SBUS card by Performance Technologies Inc.  This one strikes me as a multi-port serial card although I don’t have the breakout HD80 lead for it. Has a chip marked 820P010201 HG62S038R02F 9120, a sticker ‘120P010001' and on the back of the board '#595801-01 DC 9116 NT2V0 94V0' and '124-010000’.

Any insight would be gratefully received!


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