Help Identifying Mystery SBUS Cards

John-Paul Stewart jpstewart at
Sun Jul 11 10:36:53 CDT 2021

On 2021-07-11 4:37 a.m., Classic CMP via cctalk wrote:
> (2) A dual width SBUS framebuffer, with space for a piggyback daughter
> SBUS card in the middle.  It features 3 x Bt457 RAMDACs and an Actel
> A1020A chip.

Possibly part of the "SPARC Card TV" partially described here:

You seem to be missing the upper board, though.

> (4) Possible Serial card with a DB9 connector, although there’s WAY too
> much logic for a simple serial card.  Has a jumper for 4Mhz / 16Mhz
> which hints at maybe something Token-ring?

Most likely Sun's "TRI/S" token ring interface, 501-1932.

> (5) A SBUS card with S-Video and what I assume to be composite.  Looks
> like a 501-3019 on first inspection but there’s less logic and no
> heatsink on board.

Probably the earlier Sun VideoPix (501-1706) in that case.

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