Looking for Maxtor LXT/MXT series firmware updates / docs

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at philpem.me.uk
Tue Jul 13 21:05:44 CDT 2021

Hi folks,

Has anyone happened to squirrel away a copy of the Maxtor/Sequel LXT or 
MXT series documentation or firmware updates?

I've got an LXT200A sat on the bench which seems to have corrupted 
on-disk firmware -- the firmware version is shown as "1.02BROM"
I've got an identical second drive which works but has bad sectors, 
which identifies as "1.02BHAT".

I'm hoping to dump the on-disk firmware on the working one and load it 
onto the dead one -- either onto disk or temporarily into RAM... high 
hopes I know.

This is all an experimental thing - the local data recovery firms aren't 
interested in a drive this old or this small...

If anyone has a mirror of Maxtor's old FTP site or support BBS, these 
are some of the files I'm after...

MXTA_53.EXE     MAIN    41K     03/94   MXT540A/AL Frimware Rev 5.3
                                         firmware 540

MXTA_54.EXE     MAIN    40K     03/94   MXT540A/AL Firmware Rev 5.4
                                         Firmware Upgrade for MXT-540AT.

MXTA_55.EXE     MAIN    40K     03/94   MXT540A/AL Firmware Rev 5.5
                                         Firmware Upgrade for MXT-540AT.

MXTA_60.EXE     MAIN    41K     03/94   MXT540A/AL Firmware Rev 6.0
                                         Firmware Upgrade for MXT-540AT.

Alternatively the same covering the LXT series.

Or this (or similar) documents covering the LXT series:



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