Looking for VAX6000 items

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Tue Jul 13 21:31:17 CDT 2021

On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 10:21 PM Brian Roth via cctalk
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> Its going to be interesting for sure. I am currently running some better power into the shop. The requirements for the 6000 is 3 phase. I just finished reassembling the power inlet box and I'm pretty sure it will run fine on 2 phases. I had to trace the right phases to energize the contactor and power the convenience outlets.

My memory for most of the larger VAXen is that they balanced power
supplies across the phases, and *might* have used 3-phase blower
motors in the biggest boxes (8800 for example).  Definitely check
wiring, but the 6000 series may well have single-phase blowers.

When we got an 8530 at work in the early 90s (needed a machine with a
Nautilus bus for specific hardware testing), it was definitely a
3-phase machine and since we were in an industrial setting, I just
tapped into our panel at the back of the warehouse and wired up a
3-phase outlet for it.  It never sat on our datacenter floor as a
result, but it really only ever had one purpose and that wasn't a
daily driver.  Too much power, too much heat for so few employees (at
that stage of the company).


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