Looking for VAX6000 items

Brian Roth abacos_98 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 13 22:27:08 CDT 2021



>My memory for most of the larger VAXen is that they balanced power
>supplies across the phases, and *might* have used 3-phase blower
>motors in the biggest boxes (8800 for example).  Definitely check
>wiring, but the 6000 series may well have single-phase blowers.

Should be good there. They are at least single phase and might even be DC.
>When we got an 8530 at work in the early 90s (needed a machine with a
>Nautilus bus for specific hardware testing), it was definitely a
>3-phase machine and since we were in an industrial setting, I just
>tapped into our panel at the back of the warehouse and wired up a
>3-phase outlet for it.  It never sat on our datacenter floor as a
>result, but it really only ever had one purpose and that wasn't a
>daily driver.  Too much power, too much heat for so few employees (at
>that stage of the company).
I'm sure its going to be a pretty good heater this winter in my small shop.Running solo should not be too bad. Less than 5A I remember reading somewhere.Of course if I keep adding processor modules and/or an RA92 or two I can see that changing.If I can leave it running I'll add it to my other Hecnet machines(emulated)


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