Looking for VAX6000 items

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Wed Jul 14 08:56:11 CDT 2021

> The 6000 is not like that. After the inlet box the three phases go to the power conditioner which has a 3-phase thyristor controlled rectifier. From there its 300v up to the regulators. I remember my 11/780 was like you described.

Oh, that shouldn't be too bad then: Most good networking power supplies 
step the 120/208/240 input up to a 300v interstage voltage before 
feeding the various supplies (48v, 12v, etc). In fact I have taken Cisco 
6009 power supplies apart to get the juicy 300v for building a quick and 
dirty pack charger for my truck (you can mod the supply to deliver up to 
390v constant voltage instead of 300v).

So get a few of these, have them power the 300v rail and you're in 
business. The older Vaxes had linear power supplies if I recall up to 
the time of the Decsystem/2020 (when they went switching at last)


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