VAX4000 VLC diagnostics/console

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> On 7/13/21 14:30, Adrian Graham via cctalk wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Powering up with nothing attached apart from an MMJ/H8571 cable I get
>> nothing on the console, I'm using PuTTY via a genuine COM1 port on a PC
>> which is one level above what I used last time I powered the machine up
>> (FTDI USB adapter to a laptop). Diagnostic LEDs cycle through the tests and
>> end up at '1111 0011' which according to the manual is 'entering the
>> console program'.
>> Clearly the DALLAS has passed the TOY tests, but if it's not happy would
>> that stop the console displaying? It doesn't matter how I set S3, next step
>> I guess is to hook it up to a 'proper' VT.
>  Adrian, I'm having exactly that problem with my VLC.  I put a Real VT420 on it and still get no output. With a known-good/compatible monitor and keyboard on it, same thing.
>  If there's a solution to this, I'd love to know.

All I did with the VT was connect up with the usual H8575-A MMJ-DB25 adapter, set S3 to up and switch on. Presumably your LEDs are going through the right sequence and end up at 1111 0011? 

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