VaxBrick (vax 4000-50, KA600 ) Owners manual/technical manual

Jonathan Stone kiwi_jonathan at
Sat Jul 17 12:40:25 CDT 2021

Doe anyone have an "owners manual" or technical manual for the KA600 aka VaxBrick aka Vax 4000-50?

I have most of a Vaxbrick, but I'd sooner run Unix on it that VMS.  But I know of no open-source OS which supports the KA600.
I'd guess most of the internal devices are similar to SCSI or DSSI on high-end Microvaxes/vaxstations; but that's a guess. 

There's a listing on eBay for a lot which includes vaxbricks.   I've made an offer on it, but let the offer expire after finding no open-source drivers.   I'm willing to front purchase of the lot, if others are interested in buying a VaxBrick in a BA213 or BA 215.

-Jonathan Stone

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