Items Wanted

Eric Moore mooreericnyc at
Tue Jul 20 07:17:27 CDT 2021

> > 4) SD2SCSI
> Do you mean a device that emulates a SCSI drive with an SD card?  Why
> not just go out and purchase a SCSI2SD V5.1 - a little slower than the
> newer ones, but works fine in my Sun, SGI and Intergraph Boxen.
> I also just bought one of the less expensive Androda SCSI emulators -
> designed for Macs, really, but it might work and it is relatively
> inexpensive.

Yeah I likely will, it is on the list because I would prefer to trade

> > 7) Unfomatted pertec controller (any bus)
> I have some old Pertec formatters that have no bus interface.  Free to
> good homes.  Some were mouse houses for a while, but were subsequently
> cleaned up reasonably well.  Models F649-72 (2 of those) and F649-40.
> Heavy to ship.
> In addition, I think I have a TC031, Pertec/QBus (I think) that I really
> am not using.  I tried it out once - I think the issue was that I had a
> Pertec interface speed mismatch between it and the HP drive I have with
> a Pertec interface (which also has issues with loading tape.)   I
> suspect it is formatted, however.

Thank you! I will look at that model number you provided. My Kennedy 9100
drive either needs a controller, or to go away. Damn thing weighs a ton and
takes a lot of room.


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