Compaq Deskpro boards/hard drives from the late 1990s

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Tue Jul 20 13:44:05 CDT 2021

On 7/20/21 12:11 PM, Kevin Anderson via cctalk wrote:
> Is there a market for any of this that is worth pursing, or is this all 
> too generic and plentiful to worry about?  Giving shipping and that, I 
> am not sure how much of this I'd care to deal with this through resale 
> (eBay or privately) versus just dropping it all at the electronics 
> recycling shop (which fortunately I have locally).

I think there is a market for this hardware.  I don't know how big it is.

I don't need any of it any more than I need a hole in the head.  But 
that being said, the collector (as in acquisitions) in me is interested 
to know how much it might be to ship the lot.  But on the other hand I 
don't want to deny people who have an actual need for them.

I suspect that the video cards and the hard drives are probably the more 
valuable parts.  For a given value.

/If/ I had such a stash and wanted to get rid of it, I'd inventory what 
I had and make it available for others to raise their hand if they are 
interested.  I think that the drives would be worth more if they had 
been tested and you know that they work.  E.g. run SpinRite level 4 
against them.

3.3 and / or 5.0 volt PCI may also make a difference for some people.

I definitely think there is a market.  And that if you (or someone) is 
willing to put in a little effort, I'd expect that each of the 
components could move for $5-$25 (or maybe even more) plush S&H.  But 
that's a time investment to get anything out of them and it sounds like 
the real value in them to you is the space they are occupying / will be 

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