Compaq Deskpro boards/hard drives from the late 1990s

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Wed Jul 21 11:41:19 CDT 2021

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>> E.g. nobody wants 10base-2 or Thick Ethernet cards much any more. UTP, slightly more so: 10base-T, not much, 100base-T somewhat yes.
> Um ... that's not true.  I just purchased 10Base? cards specifically for the AUI ports to connect to my 10Base5 / "Thicknet" segment.  Depending on price, I'd probably walk away from a swap meet with more too.

BTW, you don't need an AUI port to connect to Thicknet.  If you have a 10Base2 NIC, you can connect it with a T connector (at the NIC -- no length of coax from T to NIC).  Or you can use an N to BNC connector to splice a length of thick to a length of thin cable.  All that works fine (subject to the 10Base2 scale limits) since the impedance is 50 ohms in either case.


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