Compaq Deskpro boards/hard drives from the late 1990s

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Wed Jul 21 16:38:02 CDT 2021

On 7/21/21 1:59 PM, Kevin Anderson via cctalk wrote:
> On Tuesday, July 20, 2021, 01:11:15 PM CDT, Kevin Anderson
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> For a time I had quite a few Compaq Deskpro towers that had acquired
> (for free) from my employer after they updated to a newer HP Compaq
> model. These Compaq Deskpros were the white-boxed variety with
> Pentium III the like processors that date to the later part of the
> 1990s and into the 2000s. They interested me because they were able
> to work with the flavors of Linux that were becoming plentiful and
> useful at the time (like Mandrake, etc.) Anyway, the desktops
> themselves are gone, as well as the PC keyboards and the monitors
> that went with them, with this paragraph just setting the scene....

There were two flavors of PIII Deskpro "towers".  I still occasionally
use my model that looks like this:

This is a beast of a system--heavy.   The planar has slots for a NIC and
a AGP video--both low-profile.   The remainder of the slots (PCI and
ISA) are on a pull-out tray.   I'm running it with a 1.4GHz "slocket".

There are other Deskpros that are simple planar-with slots that can be
operated either has a minitower or horizontal desktop.


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