What's left of the Houston Museum stuff

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Thu Jul 22 01:24:59 CDT 2021

I stored the tape drives and printers from the SDS pile.  I asked when 
the whole fiasco first surfaced and someone connected to the landlord 
got into the mess.  They said there was no media.  I never saw any in 
Kansas City which was to have been delivered as part of me storing that 
stuff for him.  He took off with the mainframe boxes, processors and 
maybe disks with a single trip, and only returned on threat of me 
assuming ownership of the pile and took it.

None of the SDS to any report or query I made ever showed up.  Maybe 
metal scrapped somewhere else.

All the stuff that is shown in the FB photos was a mess of newer smaller 
equipment in a pile which looked like a bomb had gone off. The "nice" 
pile seen in the FB post is way thinned out.  Looks like someone was 
going to try to sell it off retail and those plans have changed.

Chuck, sad you donated anything to him.


On 7/21/2021 6:12 PM, Lee Courtney via cctalk wrote:
> Al or other - any idea what happened to the SDS relics and detris HCM
> picked up after the donation to CHM?
> Lee

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