Compaq Deskpro boards/hard drives from the late 1990s

Christian Groessler chris at
Thu Jul 22 18:24:58 CDT 2021

On 7/22/21 5:12 PM, Kevin Anderson via cctalk wrote:
>   In response to Chuck Guzis' mentioning that there was more than one design of what was labeled a Compaq "Deskpro" during the time of PIII processors: the series of desktops that I used to have,, and from where the extra boards and drives I have were all pulled, collectively would be called the Deskpro EN series. Here is sample picture found on the web
> Not all actually desktops I dealt with said "EN" on the nameplate, as I believe there was a brief period early on of Compaq switching over to the new case design before the EN series was completely defined, but the basic case design was all the same with option for tower or on-the-side use. This may better date the likely styles of boards and drives I have. I don't recall any of the original computers at work were of the small form factor version in the same series, although I'd expect the parts involved would have still been similar if they had been.
> My list of parts is still forthcoming. I will see if I can work on it this Saturday. There may be a couple of other items that I will uncover (such as one or two actual earlier 5.25-in hard drives and possibly an ISA card or two from earlier desktops I also used to have), which I will uncover and list as I start digging. And if folks start showing interest in particular boards or drives,

My boss back in 90/91 or so bought a Compaq 386SX desktop. The 386SX was 
at the low end back then already, but the keyboard which came with it 
was top-notch!

Forget early IBM PC keyboards. This Compaq keyboard had the best feel 
ever when typing!

Unfortunately I never was able to find this keyboard again, and my boss 
wouldn't give it to me when he dumped the 386SX :-(
He kept the keyboard.


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