Compaq Deskpro boards/hard drives from the late 1990s

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> My boss back in 90/91 or so bought a Compaq 386SX desktop. The 386SX was
> at the low end back then already, but the keyboard which came with it
> was top-notch!
> Forget early IBM PC keyboards. This Compaq keyboard had the best feel
> ever when typing!
> Unfortunately I never was able to find this keyboard again, and my boss
> wouldn't give it to me when he dumped the 386SX :-(
> He kept the keyboard.

I both agree and disagree.

I never used an original Compaq Portable but I started using Compaqs
back in the 8086 and 80286 era. I remember when a Compaq 386 was I
think the first 386 I ever worked on. (I killed it. >_< Left it
running COMPSURF with the lid off, and the bare CPU -- no heatsink --
fried. No airflow.)

I never used a Compaq keyboard I really liked. Your post made me cast
my mind back and the oldest ones I remember were unusually soft and
quiet for the time. I like loud and clicky. :-) But I can certainly
see why someone might like them -- soft and quiet became the dominant

But I now have a reputation as a keyboard collector and enthusiast,
and I am not really -- I just kept some of the ones I liked from when
people were throwing them away...

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