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On 7/23/21 2:11 PM, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> Some further questions BELOW to complete the distribution media database:


> 1) Which ones were available on 5.25"?  (and how many disks?)
>      A) "360K"?
>      B) "1.2M"?
>      C) "1.4M"?
>      D) Microsoft non-standard crammed 3.5" HD? (1.7M?)

Ugh ... I don't know and I don't have a good way to differentiate my 
disk images.

> First CD-ROM install media that I got was Windows 3.00, but it was an 
> inclusion on a "tools" collection CD-ROM  (not quite a shovel-ware). 
> Then a Multi-Language 3.00 CD-ROM from Microsoft (for international 
> market)

I would like to know more about, or better find a copy, of such a CD-ROM.

I do wish that I could do an install of MS-DOS 6.22, CD-ROM driver + 
MSCDExec, DOSidle, and Windows 3.x on a CD-ROM for simplifying 
installations in virtual machines.

I've not yet figured out how to put all of the install files for MS-DOS 
6.22 in one directory, boot and do the install.  My minimal passes at 
doing so don't work as well as I want or get stuck wanting to change the 
disk based on the disk label.

> The Chinese lady that I shared an office with was thrilled, because 
> she was trying to teach herself Spanish, and that, along with the 
> McCracken FORTRAN in Spanish were here preferred method.


> 3.10 Windows CD-ROM from Microsoft


> When did MS-DOS come on CD-ROM?  Or did it?

Does MS-DOS 7.x; read Windows 95 / 98; count?  ;-)

I don't know if any of the other Microsoft products, likely NT Server, 
included MS-DOS installation files buried on the CD-ROM or not.  There 
are often interesting things if you know where to find them.

> Microsoft C compiler Version 5.00 on CD-ROM


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