Pro-Log M980 Programmer

Kyle Owen kylevowen at
Sat Jul 24 12:20:53 CDT 2021

On Sat, Jul 24, 2021, 11:50 Randy Dawson via cctalk <cctalk at>

> I had a Data I/O 29B with a serial interface and I assume your Pro-Log is
> similar.
> Cabled up and baud correct you should get a menu on a CR with your host.
> Mine took an Intel or Motorala ASCI HEX string on power up without any
> commands or prompts.
> Randy

No menu on a Pro-Log. It's a very basic unit powered by an Intel 4004 or

The manuals on bitsavers do a very good job explaining how to use the 980
and 900, as Brent mentioned.



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