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 Here is an inventory of what I have for parts that I am desiring to pass on to others if they are interested or to seek permission to pitch to an electronics recycler (or rubbish bin) if these things are of limited value due to being plentiful.

See the main e-mail by the original title for the dilemma I am working with, in that the main systems are now all gone, and these are additional pieces that had been pulled from similar vintage of PC systems, mostly of the Pentium II/III era as sold or used with Compaq Deskpro EN-type mini-tower systems.

Mixed in are a few parts of yet older desktops I previously had, particular some ISA cards, a couple of IDE hard drives with capacities below 1 GB, a couple of 4 MB memory SIMMs, and even a spare Pentium P-90 processor.

I am not prepared to do a significant amount of mailing, but some can be considered. If so, I'd want to recover at least mailing cost, plus (depending on the item) possibly a little extra contribution. I am not set up to receive PayPal (nor care to go there), so either cash, check, or money order mailed to me.
But primarily I just want this stuff out of the house, as it is all extra to my future, as I need to downsize and my focus is elsewhere, on newer systems needed to run Linux and mainly laptops at that.

Kevin Anderson, Dubuque, Iowa (also K9IUA for those that recognize what that means).

p.s. the discussion that has followed my original post has also been somewhat interesting.


Inventory of boards, memory, and drives for possible resale
24 July 2021


3.5-inch floppy drive:error

Qty 1, Teac FD-235HF

Qty 1, Mitsubishi MF355F-3496UC, May 1998 Mfg date

Qty 1, NEC FDD 1.44MB FD1231T-269


5.25-inch floppy disk drives (original system sources not remembered):

Qty 1, Chinon Model FR-506, Rev B, Serial Number 20336929

Qty 1, Alps Electric Co., DFC222B05A (elsewhere on the drive motor, it says
 Sanyo70415 F2SLR53 Y)

Qty 1, Epson SD-680L, Y8249861


5.25-inch CD-ROM drives (these all appear to be read-only, non-werrorriteable drives):

Qty 7, Compaq Model CRD-8322B(CPerror1), Compaq Part No. 1799137-706,
 Compaq Spare Part No. 327659-001, five (5) vintage January 1999 & one 
 (1) vintage May 2001, all with 2-pin audio connecting cable, 
 pulled from Deskpro ENs, Made in Korea

Qty 2, Compaq Model LTNerror-403, Made in China (Mfg Code LIT),
 Compaq Part Number 176432-E73, Mfg Date (1) March 2000 and (1) August 2000,
 also pulled from Deskpro's.


3.5-inch ATA/IDE hard drives

Those left over from earlier 486 and Pentium II computers:

Qty 1, 80 MB Maxtor 7080AT

Qty 1, 100 MB Seagate ST3120A

Qty 1, 245 MB Maxtor Model 7245AT

Qty 1, 540 MB Maxtor Model 7546AT

Qty 1, 540 MB Western Digital Caviar 2540

Qty 1, 4.32 GB Samsung VG34324A

Those definitely from the Compaq Deskpro-EN era:

Qty 10, 10-GB Western Digital Caviar 310000 (Model AC310000)

Qty 1, 10 GB Quantum Fireball

Qty 1, 10 GB Fujitsu MPC3102AT

Qty 1, 20 GB Seagate Barracuda ATA IV, Model ST320011A

Qty 2, 20 GB Seagate ATA V, Model ST320013A

Qty 1, 20 GB Seagate UB, model ST320410A

Qty 2, 20 GB Seagate Barracuda ATA, Model ST320414A 

Qty 1, 30 GB IBM Deskstar, model DTLA-307030

Qty 1, 40 GB Seagate Model ST340015A Barracuda


Circuit Boards - ISA (I vaguely recall these were all part of 
 earlier computers I used to have, or were cards given to me)

Qty 1, Model IODE-3292U Multi I/O Plus IDE Plus FDD Interface Card
 (IDE HDD + FDD + 2 Serial + 1 Parallel + 1 Game Port)
 Unknown brand.

Qty 1, Creative Soundcard CT2260 (chip says "Vibra 16, Creative 
 Tech '94, CT2501-TCQ 9449")

Qty 1, Western Digital NIC, 10 Mbit, WD8013EW DD1, Made in Ireland,
 With BNC, 15-pin, and RJ Ethernet connections

Qty 1, 3Com Etherlink III 3C509-Combo, 10 Mbit, With BNC, 15-pin, and RJ
 Ethernet connections

Qty 1, USRobotics 0854 modem card. (Also says 1998 3Com on 
 the circuit board)

Qty 1, Cardinal modem card, Model 020-0468 (14.4 modem as I recall,
 as I bought this modem new, possibly a Winmodem)


Circuit Boards - PCI (pulls from Compaq Deskpro systems)

Qty 1 - 3Com Etherlink 10/100 PCI, 3C905-TXM

Qty 2 - 3Com Etherlink 10/100 PCI, 3C905C-TXM

Qty 1 - 3Com Etherlink 10/100 PCI, 3C905CX - TXMM

Qty 2 - Compaq-labeled NC3121 100-mbit Ethernet card

Qty 1 - Unbranded 100-mbit Ethernet card (Compaq spare part 116188-001)

Qty 1 - Compaq-labeled 8-MB AGP Video Card (Matrox G200 Millenium,
 MK02560, G2_DMILA/8D/CPQ)

Qty 1 - VGA video card (Cirrus Logic chips)
 Identifying marks include: VGA-PV5465/AR, plus someone having written "4 mb"


Memory (I will relay any identifying information I can find):

DIMMs pulled from Compaq Deskpro EN or similar:

Qty 2 - 32MB PC100-322-620 MT4LSDT464AG-10CB2 (Compaq part # 323029-001)

Qty 3 - 32MB PC100-222-620 MT8LDSDT864AG-10EC7
 (Compaq part # 323012-001)

Qty 2 - 32MB PC100-222-620 Siemens HYS64V8200GU-8 A2199150301
 (Compaq part # 323012-001)

Qty 1 - 32MB(??) PC100-322-620 MH8S64AALD-8 (Compaq part # 323012-001)

Qty 1 - 32MB(??) PC100-322-620 (Compaq part # 323012-001)

Qty 1 - 64MB, Sync, 100MHz CL3 (Compaq part # 323612-001)

Qty 1 - 128MB, Sync, 133MHz, CL3 Infineon HYS64V16300GU-7.5-C2
 16Mx64 SDRAM (Compaq part # 140133-001)

Qty 2 - 256MB Sync 133MHz CL3 Samsung PC133U-333-542
 M366S3253DTS-C7A (Compaq part # 140134-001)

Qty 3 - 256MB Kingston KTC-EN133/256 9902112-438.801 USA

Qty 1 - 256MB Sync 133MHz CL 3, Smart Modular Technologies (Puerto Rico) 

SIMMs from an earlier system, possibly an earlier Dell (386?) 
 that my brother had once given me, but I am honestly not sure:

Qty 1 - 4MB -70 1Mx32 E945477 U703 091 DTC 8728, configured as
 a single SIMM (for one slot, 72 pins in two sections)

Qty 1 - 4MB SIMM (72 pins, in two sections) consisting of a main board 
 that plugs into the system slot, but actually has Qty 4 of 
 1MB daughter SIMMS for the memory.
 Identification on main board: Sermax P/N S004T AS00300003-00 U3
 Identification on the first memory SIMM: IBM AP 091B 94 U416
 B1A1090BA -70 1MB 1M x 9 P



Pentium P-90, with attached heatsink and latching strap. Given to me 
 by a friend, so I never used it myself, so condition unknown.
 Intel (c) 92 93 on chip label. Ready to insert into motherboard
 socket (unknown type).

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