Pro-Log M980 Programmer

DI Gerhard Kreuzer gerhard.kreuzer at
Sat Jul 24 15:32:13 CDT 2021

Hi Randy,

    thanks for the info. We will give it a try and we will see whats happen.

    With best regards


    Zitat von Randy Dawson <rdawson16 at>:
> I had a Data I/O 29B with a serial interface and I assume your  
> Pro-Log is similar.
> Cabled up and baud correct you should get a menu on a CR with your host.
> Mine took an Intel or Motorala ASCI HEX string on power up without  
> any commands or prompts.
> Randy
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> SUBJECT: Pro-Log M980 Programmer 
> Hi,
>         I own a Pro-Log M980 Prom Programmer and want to program a  
> 2732 EProm. I
>       have everything needed, but how can I get the data in?
>         There is a serial interface, did anybody have some program  
> for a standard
>       PC to handle that daa transfer?
>         Cabling istn't an issue, can do it.
>         Thanks for helping.
>         With best regards
>         Gerhard

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