Multi-Micro-Channel bus systems, and thoughts on the Computer Society Digital Library.

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> Read that Personal Systems magazine from 1992 that was recently posted
> and enjoyed the article on the PS/2 295 system. I never heard about that
> one, the biggest PS/2's I worked on were the 95 systems with 486
> processors back at Covington.
> One thing that popped out: The 295 was a multi-processor-ish system with
> two MCA busses. Granted they were decoupled with each processor having
> its own MCA bus but it got me to thinking: Were there other systems of
> that time that could use two MicroChannel busses?

7013-595 IBM RS/6000 Deskside Server Model 595, Announced 1996/10/08,
Available 1996/11/08

Model Abstract 7013-595

The IBM* RS/6000 Model 595 deskside server is a powerful uniprocessor that
is based on the POWER2 Super Chip (P2SC) implementation of the POWER

The Model 595 differs from predecessors by offering high-performance, dual
Micro Channel* buses. Each bus is used to generate four Micro Channel slots
and supports the high-speed, data streaming protocol.


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