IBM PC diagnostics disks

Richard Milward rsmilward at
Thu Jul 29 11:45:39 CDT 2021

I have these 5-1/4" diagnostics disks but no need for them. If you're 
interested, I'll send them to you for the cost of the postage from 
Durham, NC.

* Diagnostics for IBM Personal Computer AT, ver. 2.03 copyright 1981, 1986
maroon disk label, p/n 6183111

* Advanced Diagnostics, ver. 2.20, copyright 1981, 1986
dark blue label, p/n 6139804

They are in excellent physical condition. Sorry, I don't have the manuals.
(I used to work for a ComputerLand store in '81-'82 and probably 
acquired them there.)

They might be available for download somewhere, but these are the 
physical, displayable versions.


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