Reading MT/ST Tapes

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Fri Jul 30 19:39:45 CDT 2021

On 7/30/21 4:36 PM, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:

> Well, form letters are "important".
> But, once microcomputer word processing matured, they could be done
> easily and much better.
> An acquaintance was working on creating an emulation of the MT/ST, as a
> way for those who were familiar with the MT/ST and/or actually liked it,
> to be able to continue unchanged on a microcomputer.
> But, then he started adding features.  Besides delaying the completion
> until it was no longer relevant, it was suggested that he change the
> name from "MT/ST" (pronounced "empty ST") to "FULL ST".

One of the shortcomings of the MT/ST when compared to word processors is
the lack of a good "mailmerge" option.   You could code a stop code on
the tape, where the typewriter would allow for manual fill-in-the-blanks
operation, but that gets pretty cumbersome when dealing with hundreds of

Superseded by the MC/ST system, the "mag card" Selectric in 1969.  Far
more convenient and better integrated into the typewriter itself (no
separate keypad).  The MC/ST II in 1973 introduced the ability to
"batch" up to 50 cards.

Here's a promo film from the period, narrated by the guy driving his
road yacht with the AM radio and chatting about it.


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