Ian Hirschsohn - DISSPLA, Superset Inc. and sad news

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 31 00:56:05 CDT 2021

As some here know, I collect some dusty deck fortran graphics.  We have MOVIE.BYU up and running! (Thanks Douglas Taylor and Emanuel Steibler).
Ian built AMD 2901 bit slice hardware to run his graphics, it was called SuperSet, and was very quick for the 1980s.  Architecture was 48 bit, A=B op C, similar to DSPs.  Compiler processed fortran to this 48 bit 2900 hardware (he wrote the compiler too).  Small package, a dormitory size refrigerator with all I/O to drive plotters and graphics terminals.
I went to look him up today, as he is not far from me in LA, San Diego, and a fellow R/C flier, and chat about the old Superset days, we did SIGGRAPH many times together.
Well, he is dead I find out, killed last year in Mexico is what the news says, buried in a well with his wife.  They went often, many times a year.


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