SPARCengine CP1200

Rico Pajarola rp at
Wed Mar 3 01:20:30 CST 2021

I just acquired a Sun SPARCengine CP1200. To my knowledge the CP1200 is the
only 32bit SPARC with a PCI bus, which makes it pretty cool. It was also
extremely unpopular, because who wants a 100MHz MicroSPARC IIep when you
can have a SPARCengine CP1500 with a 270MHz UltraSPARC IIi (they were
released at the same time, and I suspect the cost difference wasn't all
that much).

Would anyone know where I can find a Sun PROM image? mine has a VxWorks
ROM, but I'd rather run Solaris on it. I've searched everywhere, and
couldn't find anything. Most "usual" places (e.g. the FE handbook) barely
acknowledge its existence if at all. AFAIK this predates field upgradeable
flash PROMs, so it's not hidden in a patch somewhere.


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