RSX11D disks on EBAY- anyone interested?

Lee Gleason lee.gleason at
Wed Mar 3 12:42:07 CST 2021

   Saw this on EBAY today - three RK05s with what looks like at least 
part of RSX11D on them. Who knows, it might be a distribution - RSX11D 
distributions came on 3 RK05s.

   The auction starts at  more than I have in my computer budget this 
month, though - would some other RSX historians like to go in together 
on this (preferably at least one person with an RK05 drive)?

   I'd just like the contents of the disks - I don't care about the 
physical disks, just what's on 'em

Lee K. Gleason N5ZMR
Control-G Consultants
lee.gleason at

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